Setting Career Goals

When Asked: “What Is Your 5 Year Goal?”

Five years is a long time, best to break it down in two types of goals: short and long term.

Short Term Career Goal Examples:

  1. apply skills in all areas of the medical office (front and back)
  2. sit for a locally recognized or national certification exam
  3. work closely with medical office staff to gain valuable experience
  4. Develop professional traits and skills:
      • High standards
      • Attention to detail
      • Analytical skills
      • Efficiency
      • Dependability
      • Integrity
      • Enthusiasm
      • Communication skills
      • Flexibility
      • Teamwork
set career goals
setting career goals


Long Term Career Goal Examples:

  1. stay current through professional workshops and seminars
  2. look for the opportunity to move up within the organization
  3. earn distinct privilege to list this unique credential after your name

Find Your Niche

Doctors, especially in a specialty medical practice often seek staff who also specialized in a special field. When they screen job applicants they look for unique qualifications that fit in with their specialty focus area to assure that they hire someone with the right skills to do a well enough job.  Specializing can be as simple as focusing  primarily on administrative skills, or in all clinical aspects, while others seek highly specialized designations, such as  Specialty Certified Medical Assistant (SCMA™) in:

· Family Medicine (SCMA-FM™)
· Geriatrics (SCMA-G™)
· Internal Medicine (SCMA-IM™)
· Pediatrics (SCMA-PD™)
· Transplantation Surgery (SCMA-TTS™)
· Cardiology (SCMA-CD™)
· Oncology (SCMA-ON™)
· Urology (SCMA-U™)
· Endocrinology (SCMA-END™)
· Women’s Health (SCMA-WH™)

4.  go back to college (to become an RN)

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