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Careers are unique to each person and are dynamic in nature, unfolding as a person matures. They encompass not only continued learning, but also exploring your present position, salaries, and researching newly emerging career interests and target jobs. There are many other medical office careers and occupations in the ever growing healthcare industry that medical assistants may qualify for.

Medical Records Technician

Medical record technicians’ duties vary with the size of the facility. In large to medium facilities, technicians may specialize in one aspect of medical records or supervise medical record clerks and transcribers. They ensure that all forms are present and properly identified and signed, and that all necessary information is on a computer file. Sometimes, they talk to physicians or others to clarify diagnoses or get additional information.

Medical Secretary

Most medical secretaries experience a varied workday. They work in hospitals, clinics, medical group practices, medical insurance companies, and medico-legal practices as secretaries to physicians and surgeons. In general they provide various supportive activities needed by medical doctors, or surgeons and are responsible for patient accounts and billing procedures. Their daily tasks may include medical transcription, appointment scheduling, medical data retrieval from databases are on their daily agenda. Use of office technology allows them to perform their daily tasks. They also type office notes and maintain the doctor’s schedules with follow through, such as necessary arrangements for travel, accommodations, reservations, inquiries, applications, confirmations and planning of functions.

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Medical Transcriptionist

The medical transcriptionist performs supportive tasks in medical group practices, clinics, hospitals, medical insurance companies, and medical supply and equipment firms. The medical transcriptionist can be described as a “word technician” who transcribes and edits medical letters, medical reports, or medical publications regarding patients’ examinations, operations, and laboratory procedures. Medical transcriptionists possess and apply a high degree of language, listening and editing skill.

Medical Office Receptionist

A medical receptionist is very similar to medical sectaries and transcriptionists. The main duty of a medical receptionist actually is to man the front desk of medical offices and other nursing facilities. The educational requirements are not as high as a transcriptionist and sectary, but it still requires a GED and lot’s of knowledge in medical terminology, appointments, filing, and most importantly excellent customer service skills. The medical receptionist gives the patient and/or his family the first impressions as to what kind of environment or tone the facility offers. A smile and friendly greeting of the receptionist lets the patients know they are in good hands.

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