Medical assistant school graduates with little, or no experience upon graduating from a medical assistant program face unique challenges when applying for medical office jobs. Most employers, which are mostly doctors in their own medical practice or HMO expect new hirees to be already trained and experienced in this field. Much of their expectations of their staff depend on the size, workload and pace of the practice. Furthermore, they realize that excellent customer service skills and a friendly disposition can make or break the practice and they value this.

Let Your Passions Mesh With Your Job

Doctors and medical office managers have ways to align your ambitions and passions with certain responsibilities on the job. Let the interviewer know about what you strive to become, where you are headed and what path you wish to take in your career. After you have spoken about such things as your past job history, experience, training and education, also briefly mention your passions. Perhaps, such as that you enjoy being a mentor, a leader, a negotiator, a speaker, a student… all this can open doors in the work place, depending on the available positions. While you speak the interviewer is listening for certain clues and key words to determine whether you are:

  • polite
  • hard-working
  • genuinely caring
  • friendly
  • compassionate
  • efficient
  • have customer service skills

Feel free to briefly mention your hobbies, which define you are and what you represent as an individual. IF asked to share any special stories, events, adversities or struggles keep it brief, and keep in mind that the interviewer wants to find out how you can contribute to the organization by utilizing the lessons you learned from overcoming obstacles. So, keep it short and to the point. For example, many of us have aging parents and caring for the elderly is challenging. Explain how you acquired patience and the desire to help others from this. Again, your goal is to represent the real you, how you think, act and handle certain situations.

Make Them Want You!
Possessing the appropriate combination of credibility, training and experience leads to opportunities. Shining during the job interview often opens the door, so say ahead of the curve by presenting yourself as a knowledgeable professional, and reliable member of the medical office team, but realize, that since “value” is subjective, you will need to support your claim with objective, factual statements and documentation.

Don’t Be Shy!
If you can show that you are their most qualified candidate it simplifies the decision maker’s selection process, but at the same time be careful, because the interviewer expects you to prove your claim. So, before you talk about how you can add value to their organization have the documentation that supports your claim with you and available.

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