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There have been countless times we were contacted by medical assistant school graduates asking: ”Hi, my name is so-and-so, can you please help me write my resume so I can land my first medical assistant job?” While we would truly like to give each and every one of them our undivided attention we are not in the business of writing professional resumes for medical assistants. We often wonder, did the medical assistant program not teach them? Were they absent during the module? Or does the topic simply overwhelm them?

What Goes into a Medical Assistant Resume?

Most recent medical assistant school graduates feel flustered and unsure when it comes to writing an effective resume and cover letter to apply for available jobs. Job applicants have three options, either apply directly by walking into a medical office and hand in their resume, apply online through a job bank, or send potential employers a resume and cover letter by mail. In addition there are opportunities at job fairs. Here are the most important things that should be included in the resume:

  1. first and last name
  2. contact information
  3. work history
  4. education
  5. professional credentials
  6. volunteer work
  7. special accomplishments
  8. special accomplishments

Below are some excellent tips for aspiring medical assistants to use when writing a cover letter and resume.

Medical Assistant Resume Writing Tips

When applying for medical assistant jobs highlighting certain character and professional traits and abilities can go a long way. Employers recruiting new medical assistant staff prefer candidates with excellent communication skills and the ability to multi-task and work well under pressure while remaining calm in hectic situations. Some medical offices need someone who is bilingual, often English and Spanish; others want applicants to undergo a drug test and criminal background investigation before they will even consider hiring them. So if you possess any of these personal and professional traits, have experience in the field and are bi-lingual then by all means, mention it in your cover letter and resume, or at least during the interview.

If you never worked in a medical office but have experience in another similar job where you had to be responsible, punctual, organized, efficient and maintain a positive and professional disposition, had to greet people, keep them safe, make them comfortable, or address specific concerns (e.g. customer services department) don’t think it isn’t important to mention these only because it didn’t take place in a medical office setting. Quite contrary!!! IT IS important and DOES count toward the expectations that most employers have when narrowing down the most qualified medical assistant job candidate from many applications they receive. So, again, by all means, do mention it.

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You don’t need to hyperinflate or exaggerate any of these skills or traits, but a mention in the right tone at the right moment can definitely give you an edge over other applicants.

Related skills from other places that count when applying for an administrative medical assistant position:
* Prior (medical) office experience
* Bilingual (Spanish)
* Knowledge of medical terminology
* Interpersonal skills, both verbal and written
* Excellent customer services skills
* Appointment scheduling and registration
* Accurately recording and transmitting messages
* Ability to interact with people of all ages
* Maintaining a safe environment for people
* Organizing and maintaining documents and files
* Storing and securing supplies as appropriate
* Providing timely and professional telephone coverage
* Accurately recording and transmitting messages
* Reordering forms, stocks and supplies
* Checking schedules and organizing office work flow
* Comfortable using computers, Fax machines and copiers
* Obtaining lab/x-ray reports, hospital notes, referral information
* Using the electronic medical record (EMR) system

Related skills that count when applying for a clinical medical assistant position:

* Providing direct contact patient care
* Accompanying people safely to certain areas
* Comfortable when assisting with various procedures, some complex

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