Pre-Employment Background Check

pre-employment background check
pre-employment background

The medical assistant’s present and past conduct and engagements can positively or negatively influence the public’s opinion about a specific medical office and facility, therefore both, conduct and qualifications, are VERY important. It is important to act, dress and speak appropriately and professionally around patients, doctors and other healthcare professionals.

No where is the need for proper identification and personal integrity as great as in the medical and healthcare field where doctors and allied health professionals continually deal with people that are vulnerable, and in need of guidance and care.

Accepting a standard job application at face value has resulted in companies wasting time and money due to frequent hire-and-fire situations and negligent hiring lawsuits that resulted from the actions of an unqualified, or irresponsible employee. Rapid employee turn-over and negligence law suits can seriously damage a medical practice’s credibility and lead to hefty fines for the doctor. When it comes to jobs that require interacting with children, the infirm, disabled and aged patients in the health care system a pre-employment background check is one way to ensure the doctor remains compliant with federal and state regulations when he/she hires assistive staff.

Background Check

A pre-employment background check can be conducted in-house or outsourced to third parties that may include private investigators, human resource (HR) firms and staffing agencies that screen applicants and data brokers who are established online. Information that can be included in a so-called pre-employment background check includes driving record, details of past employments, criminal records, military records, educational records, character references and drug testing.

A medical assistant’s prior conduct must always be professional and appropriate, otherwise it may be hard to find work in this field.


Background checks can be done on several levels. Under federal law and regulations the applicant must be informed and give consent to a third-party background check, which usually requires filling out a form.  Upon completion the applicant will be provided with a copy of the investigations; however, if the employment background check is conducted in-house, the employer is not bound to obtain the applicant’s consent or provide details of the reason for rejecting his application. Companies are now conducting employee background checks from databases all over the world and seek whatever information is available online. Many are now using  facebook and MySpace to profile their applicants  an inofficial way.

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