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OPEN POSITIONS for medical office managers, coordinators, administrators, nurses, technologists, assistants, coders and billers, receptionists, schedulers, secretaries, clerks and aides are available in every state, city and town! There are hundreds of medical offices, hospitals and emergency centers are looking for additional staff and assistance. Here are short specialty definitions and job listings:

Doctors Need You Everywhere. These Jobs MUST Be Filled!!!

1. An Allergist treats patients with allergies. They diagnose different allergens that cause illness in patients and treat them with pills, nasal sprays and in some cases injections.

Ready to hire: Allergy Office Positions


2. An Anesthesiologist uses medication to put patients to sleep in preparation for surgery or procedures. They also use injections called blocks to deaden an area for less invasive procedures.

Ready to hire: Anesthesiology jobs


3. A Cardiologist is responsible for prevention and recovery of heart disease. They deal with patients all ages that have some difficulty with the heart. Many Cardiologists are surgeons and do repair through surgery for some of their patients.

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4. Dermatologist is a doctor of skin, hair and nails. This type of doctor diagnoses and treats diseases from acne to toenail infections. Many patients use a dermatologist for the removal and analyses of different moles.

Ready to hire: Dermatology jobs


5. Osteopathy is the more holistic approach the healing of a patient. The Doctor of Osteopathy, D.O. is trained in the whole body relationship to illness. Many D.O.’s use alternate medicine in the treatment of their patients. Hypnosis, back and neck adjustment, massage are just a few of the examples of alternate medicine doctors of osteopathy use.

Ready to hire: Osteopathy jobs


6. The Endocrinologist is the specialty doctor to diagnose diseases that affect endocrine glands. There are eight endocrine glands in our bodies. These glands produce the hormones the control or metabolism and growth and development.

Ready to hire: Endocrinology jobs


7. Gastroenterologists diagnose and treat illness of the digestive tract. This follows the path of the food we eat. Patients suffering from stomach problems or intestinal complaints are treated by Gastroenterologists. They do diagnostic testing such as endoscopies, (going down the throat to the stomach) and colonoscopies (viewing the large and small intestinal tract through the rectum).

Ready to hire: Gastroenterology jobs


8. Gerontologists work with elderly patients. The unique problems of nursing home patients and living environments of the elderly is their specialty. Many work in research and develop ways to better educate and communicate the needs of the elderly. They also provide social services for this group of patients. Training in nursing, psychology and sociology are helpful in this profession.

Ready to hire: Gerontology jobs


9. A Gynecologist or ‘Ladies Doctor’ does preventative and treatment of illness relating to the female reproductive organs and systems. The health of the uterus, ovaries, cervix, and vaginal canal are their primary concern. Many are Gynecological Surgeons and can surgically treat the diseases of these areas. Many are also Obstetricians.

Ready to hire: Gynocology jobs


10. Hematologists are Internists with subspecialties in blood, bone marrow and the lymphatic system. They analyze disorders and diseases of the blood. Many are researchers.

Ready to hire: Hematology jobs


11. The Internist treats adult patients. They deal with all body systems. They are often used as consultants for diagnostic problems. They can treat a patient through all stages of their adult lives, often dealing with several illnesses at once. Many of the subspecialties are Internists, Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, Gastroenterologists, and Hematologists to name a few. Internists work with patient with chronic illness for example, diabetes, hypertension, gallbladder disease and many others.

Ready to hire: Internal medicine assistant jobs


12. Nephrologists are Internist that treats patients with kidney disease. They treat the disease and complications produced by the disease like hypertension.

Ready to hire: Nephrology assistant jobs


13. Neurologists treat disorders of the nervous system. The have internships in Internal Medicine or Medical/Surgery as well as the 3 years of training in neurology. The perform exams of the nerves of head and neck, muscle strength, movement and balance, ambulation, reflexes, sensations, memory, speech and language. They treat disease of the brain, spinal cord nerves and muscles. Many specialize in specific areas, head and neck, backs and legs and stroke victims.

Ready to hire: neurology assistant jobs


14. Obstetricians/OB/GYN or BABY DOCS care for pregnant women. Many are also Gynecologists and surgeons. They provide health and reproductive care for women throughout their adult lives. They provide birth control and pre-pregnancy wellness advice. They conduct exams and testing to ensure the health of the mother and fetus before, all through pregnancy and after the birth.

Ready to hire: Obstetric assistant jobsObstetrics (OB) Positions


15. Oncology is the sub specialty of Internal Medicine that focuses on cancer patients. Some are surgical oncologists or radiation oncologists. They do testing and determine the course of cancer treatment for their patients. Many specialize such as breast cancer, liver cancer or leukemia and other blood related cancers.

Ready to hire: Oncology jobs


16. Ophthalmologists are eye doctors. They provide a full spectrum of eye care from prescribing glasses and contacts to specialized eye surgery. They cover the full range of eye and vision care. They treat illness and disease such as glaucoma, cornea injuries to transplants of corneas. Many are involved in research of eye diseases.

Ready to hire: Ophthalmology jobs


17. Orthopedists treat diseases and injury to the bones, muscles and their connected tissues. They treat infants thru adults for breaks and injuries to tendons and ligaments. Misshapen limbs and spines are treated by Orthopedists. Many are surgeons.

Ready to hire: Orthopedic assistant jobs


18. Otorhinolarygologists, is also known as the ENT. They are surgeons that diagnoses and treats injuries and disorder of the head and neck. Specifically face, ears nose, throat, sinuses, neck organs and
skull base. They use surgery procedures as well as prescribing antibiotics, drugs and compresses to treat patients.

Ready to hire: Otorhinoelaryngology jobs


19. Pathologist, are doctors that study the cells, tissue and organs to determine many factors. The work with laboratories to determine the underlying causes of disease. They examine the conditions to change
that cause and what condition those changes would have on the cells, tissue and organs. The rarely see patients directly.

Ready to hire: Pathology assistant jobs


20. Pediatricians are medical doctors with a specialty in infants to young adults. They specialize in diseases and illness found in infants and young adults. They follow their patients’ growth and wellbeing. Many offer immunizations through their clinics.

Ready to hire: Pediatric medicine assistant jobs


21. Physiatrists, specialize in treating patients with acute chronic pain and musculoskeletal disorders. They focus on restoring function to people. Many work for rehabilitation centers, hospitals and private offices.

Ready to hire: Physiatrist jobs


22. Plastic surgeons, although widely known for face lifts and nose jobs, but, plastic surgeons have other abilities. They are trained for reconstruction surgery of the face and body, correcting birth defects and injury. They also are used for improve function such as jaw realigning and deviated septum repair, reconstruction work after a mastectomy and limb injury.

Ready to hire: Plastic surgery assistant jobs


23. Podiatrists are medical doctors specializing in the foot and ankle. They treat patients for simple problems such as corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, to severe deformities and injury. Some sub-specialize in surgery, orthopedics, or sports medicine.

Ready to hire: Podiatrist assistant jobs


24. Radiologists, Their specialty is to diagnose and treat disease using medical imaging including X-Rays, MRI’s, CT scans, EEG’s, and many other type of filmed examinations. They work closely with family doctors in the treating of patients.

Ready to hire: Radiologist assistant jobs


25. Radiation Therapists take two to four years of training after high-school or college. They assist the Radiation Oncologist using a beam of high energy radiation in the treatment of cancer patients.

Ready to hire: Radiation therapy assistant jobs


26. Surgeons, These physicians are specifically trained to treat disease and deformity through invasive methods. Using a scalpel a surgeon exposes the organ, mass or tumor being treated. More often today they are using new technologies for minimal invasion. There are many different types of surgery sub specialties. The most common is the General Surgeon.

Ready to hire: Surgery assistant jobs


27. Urologists are the doctors who treat male and female patients with urinary tract and bladder ailments. They also treat disorders of the male reproductive system. Because of the variety of problems, urologists must have general knowledge in gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine and other specialties.

Ready to hire: Urology assistant jobs


28. Electroencephalographic Technologists are specifically trained to perform EEG’s. This is a type of test to check the brain waves. They are not doctors. They work under the supervision of a physician. They place and position a patient for testing. They place the appropriate electrodes in the marked positions on the head and neck. They are trained to calibrate and maintain their equipment.

Ready to hire: Electroencephalography assistant jobs


29. Electrocardiograph Technologists are trained to perform an ECG or EKG. The test monitors patients’ heart problems. They work under the supervision of a cardiologist. They connect electrodes to the patient and insert or remove any catheters.

Ready to hire: Electrocardiography jobs


30. A Medical Technologist works in a laboratory. They perform tests from simple blood tests to more complex tissue analysis. Samples of blood, tissue, urine and other body fluids are prepared for testing by technicians. They are trained to handle samples in a standardized method to ensure consistent and correct results. Computer technology requires less hand-on and more analytical work by technologists.

Ready to hire: Medical technologist jobs


31. As the name indicates a Nuclear Medicine Technologist works with radioactive materials called radio nuclides. They are a part of diagnostic imaging and prepare and perform image testing on patients. A radioactive drug is injected and the camera detects and maps the course through the body. They are supervised by a physician.

Ready to hire: Nuclear medicine technologist jobs


32. Respiratory Therapists work under the direction of a physician. They supervise technicians in the respiratory care therapeutic treatments and diagnostic procedures. They evaluate, treat and care for patients with breathing or other cardiopulmonary disorders. Asthma, CF, CPOD, Emphysema, pneumonia, bronchitis, patients on life support in ICU are some of the problems they treat.

Ready to hire: Respiratory therapist jobs


33. Radiographers can work in two areas, diagnostic and therapeutic. The diagnostic may include x-rays, ultrasounds, MRI, CT scans, angiographs. Most preformed in hospitals. Therapeutic technicians work with physicians to treat patients using radiation therapy. Cancer patients are one type of patient.

Ready to hire: Radiography assistant jobs


34. Pharmacists distribute legal drugs. The physician will prescribe a medication and the pharmacist will fill the prescription. They have a license that requires a four year degree from a Board certified program. They are knowledgeable of combinations of drugs, dosages, interactions and side effects of drugs. They can advise physicians on behalf of the patient for the best outcome.

Ready to hire: Pharmacy assistant jobs

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