Malpractice and Liability

medical liabilty
professional liability in medical

Medical malpractice law suits remain high in the United States. It is estimated that 75% of physicians will have been sued before reaching retirement age. Even though medical assistants are employees working under the umbrella of the licensed physician or practitioner ultimately responsible for their actions it does NOT mean that they cannot be named in an individual law suite should an injury occur.

“It Is NOT true that medical assistants cannot be sued!”

Malpractice is defined as “the negligent act of a person with specialized training and education” and can be held responsible for their own negligent acts. Acting under the employ of the doctor does not exonerate medical assistants from direct liability for their mistakes. Before the law, each individual is responsible for their own actions.

Medical Assistants ARE NOT Immune to Law Suites

Unfortunately, mistakes and unintended errors can happen any time! They occur when least expected and some of these events may inadvertently cause harm! When this happens in the medical field where people are already vulnerable it can easily have profound effects on people who are involved.

Failure to Act
Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to cause severe injury to a patient to face a serious law suit as a consequence of your actions, or failure to act.

Mistakes, oversights, mix-ups, slip-ups, hang-ups on the phone and accidents can happen in a flash and turn into a big headache fast!!!

As “little” not following standards of care (omission), as “little” as failing to recognize a need for help (indifference), or as “little” as failing to return a phone call (abandonment) can be reason enough to be held liable in court should any damages occur as a result

Malpractice events place hardship on families who suddenly find themselves overwhelmed with emotional and financial burdens. Some consequences of a mistake my be temporary, but some victims may be permanently affected by their injuries. Some may have long-term medical expenses, some may never be able to return to their jobs; yet others may not survive. Nothing is more difficult and painful than losing a loved one, and when the death resulted from someone else’s negligence the family’s devastation over the loss is doubled.

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