Accepted Attire (Dress Code) In A Medical Office

Scrub tops (solid or various colors and patterns), scrub pants (no higher than 2″ above ankle), work shoes (closed toe medical clogs with socks, clean athletic shoes), lab coat and warm up jacket that is worn only at work are all acceptable on the clinical floors. Administrative and receptionist staff in the front office may wear neat pants, slacks, a dress, or skirt that is at least 3/4 thigh length, nice shirt, blouse, sweater, or warm up jacket with a good pair of shoes are appropriate business attire.


Natural fingernails should be kept neat and clean and not exceed ¼ inch length. Artificial fingernails are typically prohibited for medical assistants who provide direct patient care, certain services within the immediate vicinity of patients, equipment, or supplies that may come in contact with patients, and those involved in food preparation or distribution.

artificial nails are unsanitary
Long artificial nails are unsanitary

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