Certification Exam Strategies

If you are preparing for the “big day” where you sit for the medical assistant certification exam then here are some tips and words of encouragement:

Most medical assistants with formal training actually do quite well taking the certification exam directly upon their graduation from the program. There are a handful different certification exams offered, each covering a range of  theoretical knowledge as it pertains to the field. They usually test general, clinical and administrative knowledge, which includes medical terminology, anatomy and physiology (A&P), clinical theory, lab procedures, pharmacology, document processing, file management, law and ethics and medical coding and billing questions, to name just a few areas.

Certification Exam Strategies

While we cannot provide you the exact questions and answers that will be in a medical assistant certification exam, we can give you an idea what preparing for and passing medical assistant certification exams will be like.

We cannot provide you the exact questions of the certification exam, but we can give you insight and self-study strategies.

There typically will be multiple choice questions, where you must choose the correct answer from a, b, c, d, or e. Most questions have straight forward answers, others can be a little tricky when they are formulated as “what is false” questions, and the answer is all of the above, except, or choose one.

From our own experience we know that the best test taking strategy to pass the exam is to stay focused and concentration. Staying focused and carefully reading, and re-reading the question and concentrating on what is being said before answering is an excellent strategy that can go a long way! And then choosing the answer you either KNOW is correct, or when unsure, narrowing it down to the most likely choice by eliminating the answers you know are wrong, (discarding the least likely) and then picking the most logical response when you have narrowed it down to just two possibilities.

Bear in mind that if any part of a true-false statement is false, the entire statement is false! So, don’t get hung up on a partially true answer.  Also, if it contains the words ALWAYS, never, all, and none then use caution, because these statements generally are false.

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So jot down these helpful tips, commit them to memory and stay positive. You can do it!!! Your best #certification prep study tool, believe it or not, are your own class notes, hand-outs, homework assignments, text and work books. You also find medical assistant certification practice questions in Delmar’s Medical Assistant Exam Review, Preparation for the CMA and RMA Exams, a self-study textbook with hundreds of example questions, scoring methods and answer key in the back. For more specific answers regarding the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) or Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) certification exam, or another of your choice, you can contact these entities directly. Their websites are easy to find on the Internet.

Once certified you are more likely to land jobs you would probably not have gotten otherwise. As you already know, the competition between medical assistants on the job market is high… everybody wants to land a better job and doctors usually prefer medical assistants that have proven themselves to be successful and career focused.

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