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Direct Supervision

medical assistant supervision
direct supervision

Medical assistants can only practice methods and procedures in which they were instructed, trained and diligently supervised. Those who disregard established standards and attempt to perform procedures or tasks beyond their training, capabilities, or lawful scope of practice are exposing themselves, the patients, their supervisors and employers to serious consequences.

It is usually the doctor who who is in charge of a medical assistant’s job related activities, however, when a nurse (RN, LPN) delegates a task to a medical assistant in a medical office setting, or group practice, then the nurse must supervise that task, while the doctor is ultimately responsible for the outcome of the medical assistant’s actions. With so much at stake the vast majority of doctors seek experienced medical assistants when they hire. Medical assistants who are certified usually have undergone in-depth training in all areas of their field and therefore are expected to perform at a higher standard of care than those without such special training.

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