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Jobs in medical assisting, phlebotomy, medical billing are reaching a new level of standards and expectations. Rarely do you see medical assistants being hired without experience or trained directly on the job anymore. Employers expect more these days. Doctors and human resource offices at large and small medical facilities clearly see the benefits of hiring someone with documented formal training and recognized certified credentials; they want someone who has the knowledge necessary to do the job, which includes working side by side with professional health and medical staff to run their office or facility efficiently and safely.

qualified medical assistant
competent medical office staff

The goal everywhere in the health and medical field is…

Working for a successful company is of the utmost importance to most employees, equally being a reliable, dependable and skilled worker are significant attributes employers expect from their staff. The attributes that substantially differentiate you from the rest are usually those that contribute the most to a medical office team’s and your own success. The single most sought-after characteristic employers seek in their employee is ________________ (if you know the answer please leave a reply below!).

Hiring Competent Staff

Hiring a well trained and documented medical assistant gives doctors the necessary confidence and assurance they seek when they recruit a new member for their medical office team. An example of such a job advertisement is the following randomly picked wanted ad from the jobs bank:

XYZ Physician Associates, LLC currently has a full time medical assistant position available working in a very fast paced environment. Requirements: Candidates must have six months to one year related experience in a medical office or similar clinical setting. Candidates must also be highly organized, pay attention to detail and be able to multitask. Computer skills required. Phlebotomy experience preferred. Graduate of a Medical Assisting Program. Certification preferred.

The above wanted ad is typical and stands for many! Medical assistant training institutions and community colleges know this and are heeding the call  by offering programs that lead to recognized diplomas and degrees that enables their graduates to compete in the job market and gives potential employers the assurances they demand.

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